Anyone tried Gasol?

I like running lineups that are different from everyone. His low post defense and rebounding are close to bill Russell and he’s 2 inches taller.

His latq is 60 though. That scares me off from running him.

Use him at C where he won’t be defending quick handling perimeter players.

Switching does happen and last thing I need after a switch is guaranteed bbq chicken when he’s guarding a quicker player

I switch all besides my C

I played quite a few games with Amy Gasol earlier in the year against much worse competition and he had trouble then. The diamond doesn’t look all that much better…I know he has a fan club, but I’d be careful spending much for him based on the Amy.

How do u switch all besides ur center

Defensive settings, theres a setting to switch on screens and then a separate one just for the C.

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so this is for the off ball on ball screens not the switch option? i dont know wats the use of the switch option in def setting. Sorry to the op. I might post a separate topic regading this offball/onball screen to switch and switch option to switch all.

When you select “switch” on “on ball screen”, the defender will switch assignment, this means that your players defending the pick and roll handler will then guard the screener and the screener will then guard the pick and roll handler. This setting prevent : shoot over the screen, drive to the basket of the screen, pick and roll and pick and fade if done properly, but you’ll have a mismatch at the other hand. Ideally, you need a big who can guard a quick perimeter players (somebody like Draymond Green, Josh Smith) and a big perimeter player who can hold a big (somebody like Lebron or Magic).

When you select “switch” on “on ball screen”, the defender will switch assignment instead of your players following a shooter around screens, but it can cause mismatches too.

i understand the offball and onball screens to switch. what i dont know is the use of the swtich rule since you can already set switch in offball screens.

Ran 1 game w Gasol & he killed it. 1-2 from deep, but grabbed 7 boards and hit all his free throws. Ended up with 12 points & held Kareem in check.
Beat a guy in diamond league. 660 points since I’m in gold league & dont play much. I’m keeping him. Got him for 66k a couple hrs ago on Xbox.

The switch rule ? don’t know what it is

I assume his price will fall like all the moments cards, cause he will be in packs all the playoffs, right?

I wanted to play him at the 4, but his playmaking and speed stats scare me.

In defensive settings, on ball screen switch all. So when your opponent calls for a pick, your defenders will switch assignments instead of fighting through the screen. I likw my whole team doing this except my C, I have him go under to stay on the big when he rolls to the rim.