Anyone tell me how diamond melo is

Havnt seen anyone talk about him, curious because he isn’t too expensive and could always use an offensive weapon somewhere on the team

I sold him. I liked him but not too much. Can’t shoot consistently with him. I won’t be able to run my offense through him. Maybe depends on me. I’m Nms so I prefer to save my mt, but if you can I think he’s worth it for 85k. He’s not the star of a team (at least mine) but is a nice player and fun to use.

He is not that good like always. Something is wrong with his release.

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Any one use pd Lewis ? He is probaly better then Carmelo ? Got him with contract for 120k yesterday

Lol coming from melo.

Just diamond last year was a good option early in the game

Last year his diamond stayed on my team well into the game the size and shooting were huge for me

His green window feels very small and hard to time for me. I’m sure if I put more time into it will be more automatic, but guys like Luka Kobe and KD were just automatic right away. Gonna sell him this weekend.

I’m running him as my bench 4 and he’s been bad ass, to be honest.

Picked him up… he has all his cheesy post moves… disappointed in his pro hop tho but I’m not upset

I like him better than Lewis but his defense is bad

try the amy i hated that one

*melo’s my favorite player too