Anyone still using PD Gary Payton?

I’m going to have to now. The sapphire was my clamp guy on the budget team for a long time.

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99 fade cried when i sold him

Only auctionable guy i have is tbe magic

JR comon , don’t do this to me

Man, this is TTO. GP can shoot from mid-court just as good. But his defense is much better than JRs. Especially when you meet a dribble-god :slight_smile:

Technically, JR has 62 str and 52 lowpost IQ and is just a free bucket against 90% of competent TTO players, even if they run guards on #1.

Payton can post spin fade him every possession and there’s nothing you can do with JR to stop it.


Are you talking ammy jr or Pd.

:slight_smile: PD of course

Wow and GP knocked him out of the spot? Impressive.

Gp is amazing. Doesnt feel as fast as this wade tho. But has 80 strength high steal perfect badges, pg13 style 3 ball with surprisingly solid dunks.

Those two cards can’t really be compared in 5v5.
JR is a complete scorer, GP is a lockdown defender and playmaker that’s also great at scoring.

On the other hand, in TTO you need 3 great defenders or your weak link gets abused.
I gave up on Tmac because he can’t defend on the top level in TTO.

Payton is by far the best guard defender and more than capable scorer, especially with all the extra space in 3v3. If those idiots didn’t shot contest back, I’d still run him in TTO.

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Yeah I agree with that defense. I only just got JR a few days ago so we still on the honeymoon. Can say I haven’t been abused yet, although I run South Beach Lebrons & Pop getting JR lock/sharp.

But what about pd Stockton then?

Wait what? How? GP > JR never. Only a madman would say that

Defense overrated in this game so I would never put Payton over JR


I mean why does everyone have to play with the goal of strictly jacking up shots?
Shooting is incredibly easy in this game and with GP’s easy animations for every type of shot (open, moving, fade) you don’t need hof badges and you can hit every single open shot if you’re good enough.

And he’s miles ahead on defense.

Hof shooting badges in this game have the sole purpose of bailing people out on terrible shots.

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That is exactly what I said earlier. Guys just need to compare results playing GP instead of JR. HOF Dstopper makes a great difference for Payton against JR.

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With GP’s HoF badging…
The difference between greatly increasing your chances of on-ball steals which can turn into subsequent instant zero risk buckets as well gigantic momentum shifts is more valuable to me than JR’s badging, which makes shooting easier and subsequently yourself more difficult to guard.

I feel JR’s badges are less valuable to me.


When that contest patch was first implemented aint nobody shooting next to payton lol