Anyone still using PD Gary Payton?

I can’t seem to bump him off my lineup since he first dropped. He’s the perfect PG in my opinion with all the necessary HOF badges to not only facilitate an offense but also shut down the opponent. But it’s his layup package and moving shot release that has made him so deadly for me.

Or have you all moved onto non traditional players to run at the 1?

Sold him and hated doing it. Using ruby still, time to time.

Yeah i still use him. Hes not that good when the opponents running dr j/g hill at the 1 but seems fine otherwise.

He also replaced JR recently in my TTO lineup. He’s just too good

Lmao I can’t get rid of him at all

I find his 80 strength key to be able to fend off those cheesers. Just need to time those steals.


He’s my bench PG / situational lock down defender.

Don’t use him much for non-post offense but he can hit shots.

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What are your guys go-to-moves for payton? I’m a huge post fadeaway kinda guy to get him hot.

I agree. The strength is very important. I run defense coach so hes an 85 strength and kills it

I still use mine. He will be in my rotation for the rest of the year.

Still use mine

Swap between him and magic at PG depending on matchups

6’6" and smaller get Payton 6’7" and up get magic

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Still use mine. Starting PG. Locked until we get a better card with HOF D, Pick Pocket, Dimer, and 6’4"+.

It could’ve been wade but they dropped the ball there

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What’s wrong with wade

PD or GO Oscar!

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A lot were hoping for badges from last year’s 98 … Hof dimer, Hof pick pocket

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He is awesome. Have you tried that ruby larry hughes? Feels just like PD Glove to me. but maybe I’m crazy…

Yeah, I figured I’d switch to Wade or use Payton and Wade, but they watered Wade down this year.

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They didn’t give him hof pick pocket or dimer, maybe dimer a stretch but he’s suppose to have hof pick pocket for sure

My backup pg and he usually spends more time on court than Magic