Anyone still using curry? (Amy)

Curious to see how you guys feel about steph this year. I pulled him a single earlier and he feels pretty good in shoot around but wasn’t sure how the cold spots affect him in MTU and especially TTO. Currently running rose at the 1 but the lack of shooting sucks sometimes. Thoughts??

I used Steph for a while since I packed him in my free preorder packs. Honestly, I’d sell him and pick up Kenny Smith.

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His cold zones make him worse

Wait curry has cold zones in game?:joy:

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@Swish :joy:


No words hahah really 2K sheesh

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In the right hands, he’s the best offensive PG in the game still .

I would take Mills over him

Shits unbelievable I thought it was fake when I first saw it lmao

I’m tired of Rose so I might sell him for Curry.