Anyone still use Baron Davis?

I just got him earlier this week and really like him. Anyone else still use him? I might even put white Kobes on him, but I’m slightly afraid they will drop a Pink Diamond Warriors version sometime soon.


I used him earlier this month for my 12-0 run. I recently picked up Magic though so I’m running him and Arenas now and put Baron back in collections

I’ve been using Charlie Scott instead of Baron because of his height. He has been a nice little addition to my budget squad. Baron gets some nice steals though, I use him once in a while! Just hard to use him since everyone has Magic nowadays.

Use him in my domination team but not outside that

He’s basically a defensive buff to a diamond Gilbert arenas imo.

PD Baron was one of my favorite cards last year he was a scoring machine

I just stopped using him because I got Grant Hill . Had about 300 games with him tho

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He has the same problem Arenas has…a little bit too small to guard the AK47, Granger and Hedo users out there.

It’s really starting to bother me that I can’t use players I want to use becaue of the out of position bullshit.

With that being said Arenas and Baron Davis seem like monsters on defense compared to Allen Iverson. AK47 just dribbles and shoots on Iverson like he isn’t even there. He can’t even steal the ball because his arms are too short or something.

baron davis has better poke steal animations than steve francis and steve francis has had the best animations for steals 3 years running

That’s why I like him. I’ve got him, Jordan, Iggy and Pippen for that reason.

Arenas actually gets some nice steal animations if you use Kerr to boost his on ball IQ to 90 and a shoe to boost his steal to 90…I expiremented a lot with and without the boosts and TTO and it’s night and day. Arenas literally doesn’t do shit when you attempt a steal if you don’t get both of those ratings to 90, but he is really pretty good if you do. Same exact scenario for Manu.

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I still use him once in a while waiting for his pd though :smiling_imp:

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Me too…that’s why I just put the Hardens on him to boost his steal and dint go all out with the Kobes to get his three ball to 99.

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Got cooked by baron davis today in tto


I have 466 games with him Lol he’s great at creating off the dribble I think 2k really worked on him to make him fun since he was one of the first Tb elite cards

I have cp3s on him

And his release is just amazing

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