Anyone still running Opal CP3?

I’m locking the sets for the 3k tokens now so I’m wondering who here runs CP3 and how good he is. I know hes really short but he can’t be that bad can he lol

Keep him as an 11th man just in case you get matched up with a real point guard. Otherwise, he will be unusable in MTU.

Yeah thats what I’m thinking. I just got PD Mark Eaton this weekend so I’ve been running him a lot in TTO and using just diamond Giannis and AK47 diamond. I don’t lose much mainly bc i shoot a lot of threes with kirilenko and use tons of screens. that eaton man… i love that card. and i kinda like that PD dwight too. I cant wait to get PD giannis tbh i almost have enough MT, hes the last card i need. Tbh tho im locking all sets regardless bc i need those tokens lol

PD Billups > Opal CP3

yeah i hear ya there lol. i heard billups release isnt great tho

I use him in Triple Threat Online sometimes. If you learn him, he can be deadly. Sometimes I think they nerfed him because he doesn’t feel as explosive to me sometimes.

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If you shoot with him right now it go in by the time 2k20 is released.

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you heard right, shoot only when wide open

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like i said tho im locking regardless for the tokens plus i casually grind so ill try getting cards rn while they are cheaper. if giannis is a card they put on boards this week( doubtful) Im gonna try getting him asap

Billups release is slower than the servers are rn…

yeah my buddy has him said hes really good but his shots slow. heard his moving shots nice tho

stepbacks and leaners are nice

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fucc no

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I’ve got a friend who has him whos got opal giannis rn. theres always some who dont like these cards lol. his height isnt the best tho

but i understand why people dont. his height and release could be a problem and dribbles

It feels great when you’re schooling people with him. It feels horrible when he’s being posted up by Magic Johnson on every possession.

The post drop-step abuse is absolute next level nonsense in 2k19. I understand there will be certain height & strength differences, but if that were the case, why doesn’t Giannis just do this every possession in real life?

They clearly can’t balance post scoring and defense. Something is off every year. I hate the post fade this year. Everyone uses it as bailout and it goes in ridiculously often.

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Opal CP3 is horrible online, his shot release is too slow. He is fine offline but online he is terrible

Every team in MTU these days is bigger than real life Sixers :rofl: