Anyone Still Playing 2K23?

Not sure if most have stopped. I am actually having more fun now than normal. Have basically been able to get every EG and invincible card that I would want to get. Limited is really fun. I know that no longer playing for any good prizes (already got ring and both HOF badges early), but I now have a very badged out team that is not just EG cards and there are still plenty of people still playing.

For some reason, it seems like shooting is much easier online. Have been knocking down 3 pointers way more often than I once did. This helps with the online experience. Also, there are less serious players out there now. I still once in awhile get an inappropriate message, but it happens much more rare than in the past.


I pretty much finished the game on Friday. Finished one of the old dominations to get the last of 3250 cards for Rashard Lewis. Along the way I had to collect every single auctionable card except for 3. Missing EG Victor, Inv Manute, and Greg Oden.

Not much left to do except grind Mt for those last 3 cards but I’m good on that. I downloaded a roster with the rookie class included and did a fantasy draft. Not sure if I want to play 24 yet, some of the news is definitely giving me mixed feelings. If I don’t get it I’ll probably just hop on my Myleague team when I get the basketball itch.


What is the 2nd HOF badge in limited other than limitless range? btw i got 7 limitless HOF badges now. :man_facepalming:

I got it so long ago that I cannot even remember. All I remember it was something I really liked. Perhaps Challenger or Pick Dodger?

Yeah I’m just working through the dominations and challenges with my theme teams (Australia, Raptors champs, Raptors All time and a team of superstars). I only got the game a couple of months ago so heaps for me still to do

Game is dead cant find opponent

On XBox I have been surprised how easy it has been to find opponents in TTO, clutch online, and even limited. It seems easier to find opps now than it was during Seasons 7-8 in my experience.

I remember 2k18 day i can find opponent until 2019 i miss xbox one when was real gen shit

I’ll still play it. Not gonna get 24. I’ve got all the best cards pretty much and aome theme teams.


Also still playing here and there. Trying to get perfect cards, building some lineups and such things.

I will al teast not buy 2k24 right at the beginning. Maybe later at a discount but I doubt even that since AH is gone and if you join later you will be at a major disadvantage as a nms.


What teams have you created?

I’ve got basically the best team possible as my main lineup and then all-time Rockets, Lakers and Spurs teams with the best possible cards. Only missing Moses Malone. The next one I’ll create is 76ers but I still need Shawn Bradley, DM Mutombo and again, Moses for this. Will have Bradley soon since I’m selling EG Jokic because Simmons ended up being better than him.

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I’m still playing as well. I’ve got my all-time Thunder line-up and my death squad line-up that I’ve been using to steam roll through Domination levels since I never completed those. I’ve got my DM Chet up to 58 HOF badges. I want to get him fully maxed out. I don’t play online…I don’t need that aggravation.

Question - I have NEXT Wemby (graded 10 and 58 HOF badges) but I want to upgrade to his Invincible. Is Wemby’s shot release (style and speed) the same as the NEXT version? Or is it radically different? I assume his EG release is terrible if it’s like the other EG cards. Should I stick with the NEXT version? Mainly, I like to place him at SF.

I do not have NEXT Wemby, but have his inv and EG. I would definitely get the Inv. His shot is easy to get yet still quick.

Try playing a few online games. There are still a**holes playing, but in general it is nowhere as bad or competitive as it is earlier in the year. I have even started to play Unlimited with my only Inv (no EG card) + Muresan team. Even playing against other complete EG cards has been fairly fun.

Basically at this point I have been able to at least tryout every Invincible card but have mainly only kept those that I have liked. Still find the Invincible cards more fun. Surprised Pippen is so cheap since his card is really great to play with. Only disadvantage with the Invincible cards is no great TALL PG. Magic’s shot is way too slow and he just does not have the extra oomph in defense, or dribbling, that you get with many other cards. Love Jordan and Klay, but they are too short if the other person plays EG Jokic or EG Giannis. Liked Cade first time I used him, but afterwards did not feel he was anywhere near as good as Jordan, Klay, or even Magic.

You will love Mutombo (used him for a very long time) and Moses. EG Bradley just seems awkward, especially if you have used EG Yao and Tacko. I have played a few people who are really good with that card in TTO, though.

@H4rd3n Mostly building lineups trying to find the best/most OP. :innocent: Including finding/creating perfect Invincibles of the best cards in the game. So far I have 64 HOF Inv Manute and 64 HOF Inv Tim Thomas as well as a 64 HOF Jonathan Bender.

Question to all:
What is the best 4th big man? EG Yao, EG Tacko, Inv Manute are clear but who the best putting at the missing big man spot? I am thinking Muresan badged out.

I go back and forth before between Muresan and inv Shaq. Inv Z is not bad either.

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Invincible Eaton for me without a doubt.

Invincible Lamar Odom

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I forgot about Odom. I could not move well with him when he came out but I should give him another try. He definitely would be a good person to use against a tall EG PG.

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Just been playing play now most of the year tbh lol