Anyone still playing 2k19 and wants GO Shaq

There is a pink diamond anniversary series 3 Kyrie Irving posted to the auction house. He’s the most difficult card to find for those who want to unlock GO Shaq. I haven’t seen one posted in more than a month.

Auction ends around midnight central time. Price is already up to 373k, which insane considering the average price of pink diamonds is like 10k now. Seems there are still quite a few people playing 19.

Good luck if you need this Kyrie :blush:


i still have a limited GO Kobe on 2k19. i wonder how much that would end up going for


The auctionable Giannis still goes for almost 200k

I bet limited Kobe would beat that easily

I still have a limited Lebron too. Didn’t think people would still pay so much for cards still.