Anyone see this? Draymond in kerrs dog house

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Thats hilarious


What was the play?

Oh fuck


it sure looks like he said that but in reality none of us are lip readers. I watched the game and don’t remember Dray doing anything for Kerr to say that. Shoulder shrug.

I stand with Draymond

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I don’t like Draymond. So I’m all for it Kerr

It looks exactly like what he said lol

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Lol nba Sirius xm gonna have a field day with this one tmrw

To me just looks like he said I’m so fn tired come on.come on looks like draymond.

shhhhh Im down playing lol. In all honesty Im not too concerned. Theyve bumped heads in thd past. This will pass too.

If I had to deal with draymond on a daily basis I’d be fking tired of draymond too lol

Let me start out by saying I’m not a fan of Draymond lol. But Kerr played with MJ, Scottie and Rodman, I doubt Draymond could do anything to piss Kerr off that much. Sure he’s antics and attitude can get under your skin but that was literally Rodmans career, Draymond x1000. Kerr also got punched in the face by MJ and still won a title with him, dude would have thick skin

About Rodman, theres a difference between playing with him and having that fire up the team vs coaching it and having to somewhat control it with Dray

Draymond Green aka the most overrated player in the league

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