Anyone saving tokens for any reason?

Probably a 1% chance of another token market update.

Saving for Either Scal or Mitch :innocent:

I have 521 sitting, no one I want though

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I’m sitting on 1,381. Hoping one day I can pick up limited Kobe.

Sitting on 550 and trying to get Jimmy Buckets or Vince. Feels impossible though and game is dying. Hope I can get these last 200 before I won’t be able to find a game online anymore

I have around 515 and I’m saving for my first and probably only token opal. I’m thinking McHale but Worthy and Embiid look like really fun cards.

I am saving tokens to try one of the rarest cards in the game, diamond Bojan Bogdanovic. I legit have never played against him since his release.

3 tokens away now.


Will we get anymore content ?

I haven’t seen him either, but have seen a fair amount of Myles Turner. Let us know how he is!

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Opal Thon I need a new PG

At 500 now- if I ever get to 750 I’ll probably grab Payton and then Kemp (even though he sucks) and go Sonics theme.

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Im saving my tokens to buy 2k20 haha


That is an awesome idea!

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I played someone yesterday running a euro theme team who had him!

I won :sunglasses:

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Saving 3,200 or so just to see who the August POTM will be first.

Wow that’s a ton. I wouldn’t have the self-control to not splurge and also would want to use the token rewards for a longer time before 2k20 comes out and it becomes tough to find a game

I got reward Kobe before I finished the Shaq set, so I already agonized over that decision & am happy with my choice. Now, I’m just waiting on the last couple of options to show up so I know how best to complete my collection.

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Well I got all the necesary collections but have not done the 12-0 to get the 3k, not sure if it is even worht it at this point.

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I was sitting on 900 but said fuck it and bought AI


does AI worth the token bro?