Anyone run Rodman?

I have 2k17 nostalgia I guess and just copped him, anyone else running him?

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76 Open Shot 3 :goat:




No. He sucks on offense

Certain things like rebounds don’t translate well in 2k. Although he has a high rebound rating, height rules in 2k not like real life where he would get 15-20 rebounds a game

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He is good on defense its just that there are many players on 2k who are good on defense and can shoot as well.

I had this Bulls squad mj-zach-pip-rodman-gilmore but he is causing too much trouble on offense so i replaced with Bob Love and Markkanen. Don’t expect that old Rodman :disappointed:

On my all bulls team I run pippen mj butler love pj brown bench rose wade deng chandler markannen I also use gervin Crawford Rodman gasol when I’m bored I rotate guys around on my bulls squad. My Rodman with shoe and coach had a 79 3 and when open he hits. He actually plays really well. I’ve used a d stopper at the backup 3 and sometimes the 4. This team is actually a ton of fun.

If u surround Rodman with 4 good shooters its doable

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Just get PD Draymond

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Truthfully, Rodman & maybe Bill Russell should be the only two players in the game that should have take-over on a full time basis. Wouldn’t be too far fetched, since Rodman himself has said that he could get rebounds by looking at the balls rotation in the air after a shot. That’s some crazy scientific analysis playing a fast paced game.


I would but I’m MT bankrupt and I play too infrequently

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If he drops pick him up. You’ll like him.

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One thing I will say about the Diamond Rodman from 2k19. Although he is not a good shooter from the outside, he isn’t terrible. Like if he is wide open, he can knock down a 3. I was actually surprised. And he is very good at taking it to the rim.

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I run him on my lakers squad and he’s always in the right spot on defense and strips people going to the rim all the time. I don’t use him for offense besides throwing alley oops though.

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lol i used him for 1 game. 1st shot he hits a open 3. I subbed him out and he never went back in.

I got a few and 1s with him