Anyone run melo and jr duo?

Does the duo make carmelo a pd ??? Looking to run the duo for shits. Ive been running 4 duos every game i play. With a duo on the bench as well. Just for fun. My favourite so far is prince and collins ruby duo. Prince turns into an amy and his 3pt stats are filthy. I did badge mine out a bit. Not fully tho. Gold corner specialist and catch and shoot. Silver drd. Bronze difficult shots. No limitless. Played a game with my friend who dropped 20 on me with amy paul george. Prince ended up going off for 43 pts. 11-16 from 3. 16-23 from the field. Also embiid simmons duo is bad ass. Embiid gets great boosts. And simmons 95 open 3… ( cheesy as fuck )

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I use this duo lately and is very good and what is more important fun to run.
This duo overshadowed enough a main weakness of both players-defense, which was a reason that a lot of players pass on them.

Now Melo with his size is a very good defender (try to find one with light blue Jordan’s - that’s the best ones for him IMO) and JR is decent.

On offense they rules and are so fun.
Melo can post up, best triple threat besides MJ, can rebounding surprisingly well and have a Klay’s quick stroke.
When your adding his size and his jab-step animations his crazy good.

JR is JR…
It’s something in his card hiden beetwen stats.
It have to be a reason so many players use his Ruby ahead of OP diamonds.
He’s realise is one of the best- if not the best-and he’s better contested shooter than open one( similar to Curry).

Pain in the as for opponents.
JR in a hands if skilled park player made my nerves.

  • plus not everybody use that duo this days.

So much fun bro!! You’ll have a blast. U don’t really have much to lose for the season to give it a go. Melo becomes one of the best offensive players in the game and if you have the right defensive shoe, you could even play him at the 4. Best part is that he can shoot mids without being contested since it’s quick. I played the duo against my mate who’s always in pink diamond and he scored 18 points in 8 minutes. Nice animation Dunks too

I ran it for a few games…couldnt get Carmelo’s release right so i put them on auction. Both had defensive diamond shoes & Melo had a contract as well. When I get home, if they didnt sell I’ll run a few more games w them today.

J.R. was fun as hell though. I’m kinda hoping they didnt sell now.

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Yeah I found that only one or the other would have a good game and the other would sit in the background. Maybe try some dunks with melo, I was surprised on his animations. Everyone just tried to target jr on defense so I think that’s why I had to score more with melo. His shot feels a bit like KD so I just release the shot bit quicker. He becomes less consistant if I bring him on after rotating the team in the 3rd

What I like the most in this Melo card,that he’s most consistent shooter in face-up situations.
He drains shoots barley jumping straight in defender face.

I feel like i was about to buy that melo last night ? White shoe with the turquoise tip ? Like 39k.? I was waiting for my davis to sell

Does melo turn to pd ???


Yeah that JR and melo duo nice … and if u got Drose him and that jimmy duo is real nice too, my favorite haha

I just got butler for the duo actually. Pretty nice. Ran that duo with amy lowry and diamond derozan. Ruby collins and prince with simmons and embiid too. Duos made the game more tolerable. Different teams now. Before everyone had the same damn team lol

This is what i wanna see that pd glow by melo lol

Yeah i had all PD team too boring … I just switch mine around and i run all duo team haha… I run Rose, Jr, Jimmy, Melo and whatever center im feeling lol … yeah it’s boring vs same teams

Put my Melo on auction a couple hrs ago on XB. One of y’all go buy it. I lowered the price to 35 I think. Diamond defense shoe & contract. If I find another J.R. w the same shoe I’ll keep the duo.

Was at like 30k. Just bought it ! Was it urs ?

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Not sure. It sold while I was asleep. It was the only one on XB w defense shoe & contract. Hows he playing for you?

I havent been able to finish a game. Everyone quits lol. Running a duo squad lol

Pg. Amy lowry
Sg diamond derozan red kyries
Sf. Pd Paul george. Grey and yellow kobes
Pf. Ruby tauren prince
C. Ruby john collins

Pg. Pd Simmons
Sg. D Jr smith
Sf. D melo with d shoe
Pf. Amy josh smith. White curry lows
C. D joel embiid

Starting my weaker cards cuz they are more fun to play with. Love getting people quitting when amy lowry starts draining lol

How’s that Collins plays for you?
I thinking of trying him next to Ruby Isaac in my
“Back to the Future” team?
Doesn’t lose a ball to often?

I run him at c so he doesnt get much touches. Rebounds well though. With duo shoots the 3 well too. Also runs 3pt plays. Which is super odd as a big lol

He’s duo is Prince right?
I want to keep Isaac at PF so I can try Prince at SF as well.
Thanks mate.