Anyone run Evo Norman Powell

Grinding to get him. Wondering how he is pre and post Evo

Like his badging. Looking forward to running him

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His shot is kinda weird but if you get used to him he’s all right.

Does he get any extra badges ? He goes to high emerald ? Or saph ?

Cash from three when I was evo him… that’s about it lol

His 3 doesn’t improve tho ? Just his middy. Unless his badging gets better

imho not worth it
if you need a cheap sg, emerald rider for 3 tokens is way better

Your missing the point haha. I’m a raps Fan. I just wanted to know if his badges changed lol. Thanks tho !

aaah yo, i forgot, sure… :smiley:

you can find his +ratings on 2kmtc

he gets gold
relentless finisher
consistent finisher
contact finisher
volume shooter

Tbh that’s not bad. I like it for my raps squad. Norman will be a good add to the starting line up

I enjoyed running Powell as a raps fan in domination, finishes at the rim well, and is also a great shooter. Overall a fun card.