Anyone Pulling “NON” Duo Cards?

I pulled diamond Scottie and Anniversary Jordan, neither of which are Duos… WTF? Am I missing something here?

Sounds like they missed a duo

That’s a lame duo anyways

I think that they were supposed to be a duo but they messed it up. I’ve seen youtubers pull anni Jordan from the packs too.

I pulled both earlier as well. I was shocked to see Anniversary Jordan so damn cheap when he was so rare earlier in the year and needed to lock the set towards the 3K tokens.

I pulled the same cards (Jordan/pippen) plus Ruby Stephen Jackson.

There was a relatively recent ball drop that gave out Anni MJ. I have one from that.

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I didn’t realize that he was one of the cards. I always go for the tokens. Lol Thanks for the information.

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That pip mj duo should have happened months ago. SMH.

I pulled a galaxy opal John havlicek

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