Anyone pulled Guerin or Bill Russell in packs?

was wondering if it’s possible. haven’t seen many up. was thinking about getting Karl as a jazz fan

The HOF set is being price fixed ugly, which sucks for guys like you that really want the Malone. But that’s how it is with all the sets for some strange reason. The rewards that aren’t worth anything more than 30k-50k are being overpriced with stupid random collection cards.

My guess is 2k never put him or Russell in packs, hence the high price on those still.

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Malone is so good, hope you get him OP. Now is the time. Just ask someone on here to post him at a reasonable price, usually someone will look out for you.


as much as I would prefer Karl over webber…

how similar are they? although I guess for me it shldnt be a question of taking webber over malone but mt is limited…

opal webber is better than malone
opal malone vs webber is more about preference
both have gross handles

webber can lowkey play 1-4 effectively
pd malone cant

Webber vs Malone vs Antawn

We talking PDs?

webber and jamison are super comparable i think other than releases.

jamison has better handles if you know how to use them but they both have the sauce

webber has a better post game and a nicer fade and leaner
jamison has 3pt plays also

malone is the best rebounder for sure, at least the opal

I prefer Pascal to them. Webb is dope the other two haven’t really played.

At the 4 at least. What pos do u run them usually? @hoosiertailgate

which pascal and who, pascal has a way nicer player model than all 3 of the guys i mentioned so yeah i agree for the 98

offensively i would take webber and jamison over him anyday , no malone tho

i still run 98 siakam btw

They’re 1 and 2 for me for PF cards (don’t like KG or AD), but Webber is a touch better overall. However, Karl’s player model is fucking ridiculous.

as he was in real life hahaha

Mannnnnn, I like of the stuff you say but that Malone is a killer. His shot is auto green.

I heard Malone has KPs release. Nuff said

@NoCoJake we must play sometime…BENQ BROS

BENQ bros. Which model do you have?

hey… i have a benq lol

malone does NOT have kps release lol you can see that on a gameplay @billyincognito

Standard one I think. Very ez on the eyes…no flicker and low blue light is key

CWebb looks the same size as Kobe