Anyone playing fire emblem: three houses on switch?

Picked up this game a week ago and haven’t been able to put it down. The pure amount of game content is ridiculous. If you’ve ever played a game in this series, this may rank as the best one yet. Highly recommend it for those that enjoy turned based strat games!


Yup, been playing it fairly regularly since launch.

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Played over 30 hours the weekend it came out, golden deer ftw! The story is super captivating and I was worried the information gathering on the explore mode would get boring but it was a nice addition.

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Me I have. I am only mad we dont get to use marth or lucina or other oldies in this game but still a good game nonetheless and yes @Blakingit GOLDEN DEER FTW. lol

Waiting for the new Pokémon game madden until then :man_shrugging:t2:

u saw the new trailer today with the new pokes?

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Marvel ultimate alliance, FE and pokemon are my switch games this year

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Didn’t know they dropped one gonna check it out once I get into some wifi, it’s my og game remember playing it on gameboy when I was like 7 only reason I bought a switch lol

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mines are FE, gna try to finish zelda, pokemon, zenoblade, and mario tennis

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yea we got a new liloone and weezing pokemon.

Like even tho neither of them on my endgame squad #2klife

It looks interesting but idk if I’d like, in the meantime lll play Mario tennis aces demo and FFVII

How’d you rate it out of 10?

I rate xooverse a 10-10 lol

i got tennis as well lol

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FE: If you like RPGs 9/10. So polished and always leaves you wanting more with a story that draws you in and meaningful character development with high replay ability as all three houses are their own experience.

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only thing i dont like about FE as well is the month system. I have to rush to make sure my characters are leveled decently just so i can compete esp on hard. Good thing i play on casual. Half my students would be dead by now.

I’ll look into it more then, especially since I pretty much did everything in MUA3 and just waiting for the the dlc to come out

fair enough

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The writing is good for the most part, though there’s a few story beats that come off as cliche or don’t land with the intended impact. I like the school setting, despite being apprehensive about it at first. The New Game+ system is nice, it gives a good amount of incentive for repeat play-throughs and makes getting past the first half of the game (which is neigh identical across all the routes other than some differences in perspective) easier.

If you play on Normal it can be a bit on the easy side though, especially if you grind at all, though just going mission to mission while doing any side quests that pop up should keep you pretty even with the enemy units in terms of level.

I really enjoyed how much freedom you have in developing your units, far more so than previous FE games. There’s also the gambit mechanic which becomes really useful once you start running in to certain enemy types, and it adds another dimension to the combat.

All in all, I’m having fun with it and it’ll probably be my main game till Iceborne.

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