Anyone play PNO?

Got Ginobili on the 1st of the month, can’t really improve my team at this point and I’m not going after GO Wilt.

Have y’all played Play Now Online with regular teams? Shit is pretty fun, no crazy stats or badges and they make you play with teams from every tier to advance to the next ranking plus no playbook glitch lol

I do. I have a great scheme that I’m dying to release with the 98 spurs playbook.

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Yeah PNO is fun but the tier system this year makes no sense & I face straight bums on it smh

Do they still reward VC

How much VC per do you get per game?

Played about 20 PNO games the last week or so. Gameplay and realism is everything I wish My Team could be and part of why I miss Pack N Playoffs. The problem is the quality of competition is really
low. I am not a god in My Team I win 10-2 on average in MTU. In PnO I’m 20-2, one loss on disconnect and one loss on a buzzer beater. And my wins are by double digits on average including a bunch by more than 30. Nobody runs plays and cheese just doesn’t work well with a realistic team so the skill gap is really large. One benefit is its been a great way to practice new plays and start to learn the Series offenses which are really cool.

For anyone curious: I’ve been running Mavericks in tier 3, Pelicans in tier 2 and Warriors (bc I’m a sellout) for tier 1. I use Sonics 96 playbook and Flip Push freelance for all of them. Happy to share more detail of anyone cares at all about this mode.

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Didnt know you could use any playbook

anyone know how to use the All time teams on PNO?

You have to unlock them

how lol beating all 3 tiers?

You get some things unlocked every couple tiers, with the best all time teams available only after beating all tiers. Seems like you’d have to play a minimum of a few dozen games before unlocking all teams. I don’t like playing with the All time or historic teams very much anyway though. I hate having to use fake scrub players on my bench and I play PnO to avoid the overpowered cheese from My team to being with.

I tried playing last night and I had an issue with how slow players that aren’t great are. Pretty stupid to make Gary Harris slower than mud and not able to dribble in order to make him not as good.

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So for PNO there are 3 tiers. But each tier has regular and historic teams. And then it matches you up mostly by tiers. So it’s pretty stupid they have all time teams like 71 bucks matching up with current Nets. Makes using the crappy current teams sort of tough. This is so stupid.

Thought I was the only one in the world who liked this pb lol

Yeah I’m playing 2k18 pno. I was a god