Anyone play MyCareer?

Been getting back into MyCareer. Just wondering if anyone else here plays on Xbox? Im a 90 overall 6’7 slashing sharpshooter.

When are you planning to payup?

When are you planning on leaving me the fuck alone?

Not until you pay up

@HarryLundt can we ban this kid for harassing me every time I post? Annoying as hell

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@HarryLundt can we ban this kid for scamming?

Its not a scam, I didnt steal from you. Get over it.

So if we play a wager and agree on terms. You lose and dont pay up. Its a scam.

Well thank god we didnt do that. Kindly fuck off now.


How about you both drop it and stop antagonizing one another, or you both can enjoy a vacation from 2KG.

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Im not following him around and annoying him. Its been dropped, hes in my thread.

I’m sorry Chris, we cannot force him to uphold his end of the wager, and since he didn’t actually “take” anything from you it must be settled amongst yourselves. 508, try not responding instead of resorting to immediately cursing back at him. You have antagonized him countless times in the history of this forum, and so he’s doing it to you now. Quite frankly he’s justified in doing so, considering we all saw you state you would pay up. You went back on your word, and I believe we all know you would be hounding him had the Celtics won.


I wouldnt hound him cuz its not that serious. I have enough money in my bank accounts to not have to chase around and beg someone on the internet. Whatever, my threads now ruined. Thanks.

I play Park on Xbox on I’m a 7ft athletic finisher center. Haven’t played in months tho. I think im level 90 or 91. My game is like amare stoudemire. All dunk, no 3’s. I can hit the mid

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Nice, I like playing with bigs. Im usually the bigger guy by default and get smashed by C/PFs. My guy plays like Melo

@HollygroveMikey4MVP add my GT: DSM2FAST4U if u ever feel like teaming up

Ok I’m about to add you. I’m in a Myteam friendly right now

What’s your record on Park?

Pure stretch
Sharp shot creator
Play shotcreator
Athletic stretch
Post rim protector

My record like 1400-380 sumn like that

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