Anyone play hearthstone

Tryna get back into it to chill off from the 2k ban lol

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The mobile game? I keep hearing about it how it work?

Just a card game on computer/phone

Yeah I’ve played for a few years. iPhone and iPad mainly. Dm me for my battle net

You like Arena or standard ?

I only play constructed. I usually hit legend whenever I have enough time to play

I do add me FudgyBeast#6307


I been legend like 10 times but after all the randomness I haven’t played in months lol.

Meta is so stale right now. I’m getting bored of the game. This might be the first expansion I don’t preorder in a long ass time

getting to legend just takes time lol and netdeck

Damn last time i played it was Dragon warriors and Jade druid meta

Really is. Druid has dominated since ui release.
I play cod and sc2 mostly.

I believe its as long as you stay above 50% wr

Everyone still throwing doctor boom bombs at each other?

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Lol hell no that card has been gone for years

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Lmfao those were the days

Yeah, Hearthstone is awesome. I usually hit legend if I play enough, as well. Maly Druid and Cubelock are my favorite decks at the moment.