Anyone play ARK: Survival Evolved?

I know it’s an old game, but it’s on XBox game pass and allows crossplay w/ pc so I tried it out with some family. It’s actually been really fun to step away from 2K for a bit and do something a little less intense. Anyone else play?

havent played in a while but its a fun game

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Currently quitting for the 4th time.

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lol too much time?

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It’s usually the type of game I love but for some reason I’ve never gotten the urge enough to try it

A game I’ve been loving lately is Rage 2

I havent tried it but I just got destroy all humans and maneater and they’re pretty fun, reminds me of an older style game

i don’t venture out from sports games too much but this has def been worth it. plus it’s free w/ gamepass.

competition is fun but it’s also refreshing to work w/ pple to build something

It’s the kinda game you go all in on for a while and then get bored until new content comes out. But don’t worry, if you like it, there’s hundreds of hours ahead of you.

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I tried it but realized it was simply too much for me. I don’t have the time (grad school) to spend 15 hours just learning the basics of how to play the game. It was just too complicated and I didn’t want to spend hours digging through guides and forums reading about what to do. I know that if I was 5 years younger and had more time it would be right up my alley but these days I need games I can pick up for 30 minutes to an hour and walk away from

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I need to give maneater another shoutout. Such a fun game, there’s just something fun about leveling up from a baby shark and unlocking abilities while having to hunt down a hierarchy of shark hunters and apex predators in the ocean. The map is split up into different locations like a swamp, a beach and the open ocean all with different creatures and predators. Nice graphics too… Probably not a game with tons of replayability but reminds me of a ps2 game where you can just chill and have fun without having to grind or sweat like games nowadays

My buddy loves it. Get on warzone like an adult

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I put in tons of hours on this game about 2-3 years ago… you want some dragons lol

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downloading for pc rn. after i learn the maps let’s play

You’re getting on warzone?

Quick update, I just hit the part of the map where it’s open water and no land with orcas and sperm whales and yea im too afraid to continue playing this lol

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did you end up trying ark? Just noticed its free to play until Aug 11 so I’m gonna try it out