Anyone on here play madden aswell

I’m just selling all my madden coins as I don’t play the game anymore and wondered if anyone would want to either buy them or swap for nba 2k20 MT, thought I would offer you guys it before selling it to a coin buying website!

What rate are those coin buying website using /100k?

Just wondering because I have a quick 3 mil I’m not using :joy:

I’m still in the middle of selling my players that I don’t need anymore :joy: I saw 1 website who was buying 100k for 5$ but that’s trash and will be able to find a website buying it for more

You can also join us/sell coins on


I mean on facebook groups people selling it for like dogshit. Like 30-40$/mil

So getting 50$ for 1 mil is actually very good

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Thanks dude will give it a try and see if anyone wants it before selling it to coin sellers but don’t think anyone will buy or swap from someone with no rep on that website :joy:

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could you drop the link of that site for me quick? I might hit them up with my coin

It’s mate

been selling in facebook groups all year. coins are super low right now with most people completed RP and 20’ content being done. probably 25 for a mil.

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Damn sack that might just sell it to a coin seller where I’ll get 50 for a mil

yeah if you can get that much that’s a steal just make sure you don’t get scammed

It’s does anyone know if they’re legit?

yeah I meant the coin buying site , but you linked it later so it’s all good :sweat_smile:

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Dunno how legit it is like I’m trying to find out if anyone has sold to them before

yeah i’m not sure it’s probably a risk since you’ll have to go first but if it’s legit that’s a nice payout


I’m gonna look about and see if there’s any proof they’re legit I need to sell my players anyway so gonna shift them and then decide what to do

try and do a small increment at first to see if they are legit so if you do get scammed it’s only a couple 100K and not a full mil.

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Good idea actually thanks mate

no problem hope to see you on mut 21!

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Of course can’t wait for MUT 21 and Nba 2k21