Anyone made a 3 level scorer?

man this cuild is fuccing goated, can pretty much do everything and the takeovers are flexible. i fucced up and picced sharp and dont really like it

That’s a big build? the name sound so familiar

Not on purpose but I ended up with one in the creator. Started with Finishing/Shooting right?

yeah. this cuild is fire cuh

@Broly its a sf

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I have 6’9 97 SF 3 level scorer Sharp Build is OP if you use to being a Sharp I always been A Sharp on 2k one thing I can say
The inside driving is very decent for a sharp if u take smart open shots Defense is trash but u have height to make up for some it…Playmaking is okay for Sharp I would say could be better but it’s 2k with the right moves you’ll get the right space u need to get your shot off

3 gold Inside badges
7 hall of fame shooting badges
3 gold Playmaking badges
1 Bronze defensive badge

Yeah, I got the build, it’s just that mine’s labelled a slasher for some reason.
6’7, default wingspan, 240, 20/13/10/4 badges, SC takeover.
Stats at 99.9.

Should’ve taken block and more off rebound instead of int/perimeter defense because those two are useless and 2k fucked us over.

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For some reason? Thats a slasher lol your inside finishing is really high for a sharp

Everyone gets fancy names and this build is just a “slasher”?
Even though I have 20 shooting badges (13 finishing) and post fade is higher than any slashing attribute.

I want to make one 6’3 or 6’4 to play the shooting guard. I’ve been labing the attributs for a week ^^

Your shooting stats are too low for a 3 lvl scorer, especially at 99. That looks like a hybrid pie chart of 3 cats all the same weight. My 3 lvl scorer sf is shooting pie chart with spd and acc physical. My 3pt at 85 was 95 ish, driving dunk and ball handle were 65/70 ish

And i got 30 shooting badges, 14 slashing and 10 playmaking (or 10, 14)

My bro has the center version and he’s a fucking God

That’s a nice build! Which height do you have? And how’s its defense?

2K judges off of your highest total stats, not badges, last year I think slashers did get somewhat of a post fade, your close shot and post fade are the same, free throw doesnt do anything to your archetype, and you have a high dunk and layup rating lol. Now I know that guys labeled “slasher” might have a 3 ball lol

6-8 height, defense is the weak point.

Yeah, I got a “Two Way Three Level Scoring Facilitator.” Fancy name… But haven’t tried it out yet.

So that’s a 5 way no ? LOL


Yeah wtf, 5 way Facilitator? 5 Level Facilitator? Six Way Total player? Very weird name.

Post attributes, that sounds wild

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I’m almost home and I’ll post screenshots of how to make it.

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Still haven’t seen someone create a Bol Bol