Anyone looking to trade accounts

I have prime time and clutch closers locked, i just dont like playing with KD, if someone had an account with 300k mt or more and want these cards, i will trade you, to make the deal a little sweeter, i have those cards from the collection plus PD lonzo and 350k mt

no nigga lol

This threads screams scam lol

Its not, im stuck with KD and tmac, i cant play with KD, he animations just dont work for me and im extremely inconsistent with his jumper

then just sell him tf?

Why do people lock in these sets? Think about it, at the time that those sets were in packs, you could have sold the MT it took to complete it and made over $200. That’s crazy! Hope we can all learn the lesson to never lock in sets. Even if it’s for a PD Kobe or Jordan.

I couldnt sell them they were locked in, and as much as i agree about not locking in sets anymore, im glad i did, someone hacked my account but could only get the mt, because my whole team was locked

And just to be to anyone seeing this, i am no longer selling or trading this account