Anyone looking to buy or trade accounts?

I have prime time and clutch closers locked, i just dont like playing with KD, if someone had an account with 300k mt or more and want these cards, i will trade you

Am I missing something, or are you offering to trade for an account of lower value?

Yeah… like… huh??

Yes that is correct, i basically just want to start over, well from like the middle, these cards are great, i just wish i didnt lock them in

I know i cant get the money back from them, i accept that, so at least i want to enjoy it my way, so im willing to trade them and build a whole new team over

I get that, and it would make sense to not be able to get their full value, but it should be attractive to someone who would swap accounts to swap their account with 300K MT for yours, but for yours to have 0 MT. Or for them to have 300K+ MT more in their account than you have in yours.

Or maybe you’e assuming that the other account would have a certain MT value in auctionable players. But you shouldn’t assume and should give some indication on what sort of value you’re looking for.

Well yea im not going to swap with a all silver team and 300k mt, i would atleast need some ruby or amys, i can make it work with whatever im offered but yea ideally, i would be looking for a similiar team to mine just lesser value diamonds and some mt so i can make some moves, i dont mind losing, but i do want to atleast play the way i like to play, KD doesn’t fit my style, neither really does tmac, but tmac to me is just better

bruh, youre gonna get rid of ur account because u locked sets? cmon man

Is that a bad thing?

No, but you’re asking too little. Let’s say, very roughly, you have only 1M MT in value locked into those locked cards. And 350K MT.

Anybody who would actually trade accounts who has 300K MT in their account and, say, even 200K in auctionable Amethyst and Diamonds, would instantly trade with you. Which means you’re screwing yourself.

I would say you should be able to net at least 400K extra, whether in MT or cards, for the swap. Maybe more like 500-600K since T-Mac and KD are pretty much universally desired, and they’d also be getting Hakeem and Webber.

So trade for an account with 300K MT liquid and 400K in auctionable cards. Or, basically, 700K in MT. At least.

this ^^^ totally this ^^^ please dont screw yourself

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Shit. I would almost just “give” you 400-500K MT as MT going to a new account of yours, in return for access to your account, just to use as an alternate account.

I’m following this as well. I have 2 sets locked in (All-Star, Clutch Closers) that I regret locking in. I’ve never traded an account but would be interested to see how it works.

Offer adjusted, someone offered to buy all the mt for a good price

My assumption is that you are trading your actual PSN account. So the big issue is whether or not OP, and the “buyer,” has their NBA 2K18 on an isolated account, as opposed to having a bunch of games associated with it.


Yea all my games i have were free and i dont play them