Anyone looking for friendlies on PS4?

Anyone looking for friendlies on PS4?

I’m looking to run some friendlies to try and get away from MTU for hopefully the rest of the year. My username is dlebowski for anyone who ever wants to run one.


I can add you later tonight. Do you have a mic?

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I need to buy a new one. The reason I’m quiting MTU is I’ve broken so much shit and my mic is one of those things.:joy:

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You play park at all?

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Lol. Get one soon. Friendlies are always more fun while chatting

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Yeah I haven’t for a while though. What’s your build? I have a shot creating playmaker, post scorer and stretch.

I have shot creating player and a big. They’re not the best just be playing around with them lately since myteam is kind of dead.

I need a jumper for shot creator what are you using

LaMarcus Aldridge, 65 Aldridge, 35 Tim Duncan

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All the way up. If you’re bad with quick jumpshots though Trey Burke will be your best friend. He has one of the biggest green windows in the game and a good moderate speed. I recommend using the same release pair if you want to try that too.

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Trey as the base?


Anyone on tonight?

What time?

Sorry I never saw that you responded

It’s all good bro!

Anybody playing tonight

Damn @Muglegacy2 you’ve been on later than usual lately

I might be on in 3 hours

3 hours lol I’m bout to get off now 9 east is about my limit

I might be on around then too if you want to run one.

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