Anyone looking for diamond Klay? - PS4

He’s up on the AH now (PS4). Klay is fully badged with a diamond contract. :basketball_man:

Don’t let this distract you from the fact that the Warriors blew a 3-1 lead.

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How long of an auction?

It ends at 8pm EST.

Cool… I should be home by then. I’ve been thinking of picking of picking up Klay again for the 4th time lol.


I heavily considered picking klay back up but bird took that role and ran with it. I fucking miss Klay tho dude was a bucket

He’s cooling in your avi might as well make it official lol.

1 hour left.

I shouldn’t have wasted my mt on packs lol. piss. I’d live to replace my ruby with him. He’s be my back up 2 but see a ton of time.

The auctions I put up this morning did not get enough MT for me to bid on Klay. I’ve had him 3 times already, so someone else is going to enjoy the hell out of that card.