Anyone knows the evo requirement for larry huges, dandridge, kenyon and kersey?

trying to decide which conference to go for first in historic dom, screenshots will be very helpful, thanks

I’m not on my ps4 But I have all 4 of them I might be a bit off but this should be close

Hughes is
-500 points
-30 3pts made
-not sure if it’s 20 or 50 assist but it’s assists

Kenyon is
-500 points
-60 rebounds
-50 dunks

Dandridge is
-500 points
-20 or 30 steals
-20 or 50 assists

Kersey is
-500 points
-30 or 50 3pts made
-50 dunks

Thanks definitely going the east first
The dandridge one is aids with the steals requirement

Please tell me it’s Nuggets Kenyon.