Anyone know of any HoF Dimer + D Stoppers?

I was trying to build a lineup of 5 HoF defensive stoppers but realized I need more passing to make it work. Any suggestions?

Stockton Cousy john wall at the 1

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John Wall is your guy

Great! I needed someone to replace D-Rose anyway. Anyone know if there’s any players with that badging combo outside of the PG position?

Sorry for posting another question I just saw this - didn’t know i could filter like that on mtcentral. Thank you!

It’s hard to find ones with both as HOF.

You set the Dimer filter to Gold.

Here’s both at HoF:

I set the dimer to gold because all of the HOF dimer and dstopper combos were PG’s and OP wanted a whole team.

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That’s also why I only set the filter to sg/sf/pf/c.

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Thanks for the help guys! Looks like I might cop Kidd, seems like a Smart clone with better offensive and passing stats