Anyone know If this website is legit? !CONFIRMED SCAM!

Deluxe Version for $18 ? That’s 200k Vc and 50k mt for 18.50

I read online somewhere that there will be an influx of these websites offering these great deals with xmas right around the corner. See if they have a contact page and if it links to an email or something like that.

This site says the domain was created just 7 days ago.

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ahhh nice bro thanks

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Hey man did you buy anything from them? i figured you didn’t but they had some headphones on discount that I’ve really been wanting so I’d be interested to find out if it turns out to be legit (although i do assume it isnt)

I would only do it with PayPal (if an option) considering the site isn’t even 2 weeks old

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Nah bro I didn’t I passed

If the only offered the Yuta Watanabe card…

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Hm. Can’t begin to trust this site, but maybe they are starting out at VERY low prices:
The original price of an
" MSI - NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 6GB GDDR5 PCI Express 3.0 Graphics Card - Black/Gray"
is 249.99, but on the site it is only selling it for 16.90.
Perhaps it is a sale for a business that has just started? I suggest using safe payment methods like PayPal, and steering away from costly products, because this may be a scam. Who knows. I’m going to look deeper into their background and I’ll let you know if I think they are trustworthy.

Aye let’s put together $16 and buy the thing and see if it’s legit lmao


i tested this site by placing an order stating it was in stock, after submitting the burn card info, i immediately got a message saying this product was out of stoke and a refund would be issued in 15 to 30 days!!!
its fair to say this site is bullshit! there’s no UE BOOM 3 Speaker out there, brand new for $17.00!!
theres also no contact number for this business and digging deeper into the address provided, its to a house for sale in AZ.


I have seen it as price it’s only digital share

Things too good to be true then it 99% a scam

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If it walks like a duck & quacks.

If anyone here wants cheap Digitsl things discounted for Xbox and PlayStation go to I’ve been buying my gold here for years now. @OGxSuave


Yeah that site is legit. I’ve used it too.

Bro, the address on their website 4800 W. Crestview Dr, Tucson, AZ, 85745 just google that and you will get your answer LOL


You are a warrior my friend thank you for taking the fall for all of us


Lemme send you $8.5 tho so you’ll atleast get half your money back

Doing the Lord’s work