Anyone know how to score in the post

I think I’ve missed my last 50 post hooks and fades, do they ever work? Or is there something I’m missing

Use stick aiming. Button is so ass this year in the post


Aiming really is the way to go for everything just because you get the biggest boost. It’s a little tricky, but once you practice you’ll get it down after 2-3 games. Aiming with hooks is easy, but fades? Yeah, I’ll get back to you on that. In the mean time hit them drop steps and post spins.

There is def a skill gap when it comes to stick shooting in the post. Takes some time to master. Feels great when u get a nice post bucket tho


Centers doing step backs on next gen and greening is automatic

What do you mean by stick aiming? I use the right stick for any post shots. I use the button for shooting jumpers

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with which player ? Does he have gold hooks, deep fades, enough hotzones ? I have no problems doing all with square tbh.

that Happens sometimes and for some reason I bricked a wide open no contest layup

I didn’t know any of this stuff, thanks for the post

Any tips on aiming in the post? I have it down for the most part for jumpers and layups, but seems when I move the analog back center on fades I often airball. Must not be hitting the center lol

Make sure your locking your shots in with the LT or rt timing aspect is important too. You can mis centre and green timing. Make use of it

Lol how do you drop step :sweat_smile:

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Drop step

Step back, face up

Speed out

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Is there a way to differentiate between the drop step and the hop? Some times when I try drop step it does the hop to the other shoulder and then I need to pass out of the post

I think the post hop is when you hit square before you move your stick.

Drop step is holding R1, square+stick in direction you want to turn

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