Anyone know how to pull all player data from MTDB or 2KMTC?

I’ve decided to start prototyping on some app ideas for 2K and I’d like to use player data available on MTDB or 2KMTC for a few things. I’d like to not waste time building a web scraper to get the data, so does anyone know if there’s an export feature on 2kmtc or mtdb?

I’ve seen a spreadsheet with all player data, so someone must be doing it somehow (hopefully not manually).

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I feel like one of the sites (2KMTC I think) used to have an export feature. But I’m not exactly sure how they get the data, maybe it’s an API. I wouldn’t think 2K would just give that type of data stream away for free, no idea how 2KMTC and MTDB do that.

@2KGamer any insight to this?

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for some reason I thought there was an export feature too, but I think all of the spreadsheets we have had access to are from web scraping scripts (which i can do if it doesn’t already exist).

anyways @element, since you’re here, I’d LOVE to make your rating system automated. i’m not trying to profit or take credit or anything, so would you mind if I did that (if i got around to it)

Might be a bit off topic but I’m just curious. How do sites like 2KMTC and MTDB get the card data before they drop?

i don’t know for sure, but I’m guessing that they pull data from the PC version of the game in the internal database.

the “update required” msg likely updates the game’s player database, so theoretically it would be possible to get that data as soon as that message hits, but i bet their scripts to pull the data and deploy to their site are set on intervals and that’s where the delay comes into play

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