Anyone know how much 97 Cousins is going for (ps4)?

I’ve been using Boogie since he came out and I would feel bad removing him from my roster since he does it all for me. I’m wondering if the 97 is even worth the upgrade, but if he’s not too pricey then hey, maybe he deserves a glow up.

I have him and yes, he is worth the upgrade. Key boost to mid range and three ball aswell as huge boosts in defense and dunking. Nice boosts to vertical, lateral quickness and hustle. You can run the fast break with him like a boss, he has great dribble moves, the kind of moves that you wouldn’t expect from a big man and he even can do the coveted behind the back momentum crossover move :heart_eyes: He is way better than the 95 in my opinion. I play him at power forward and he seems faster than his stats. I’ve seen him go for anywhere from 200k - 400k +

Ef… that price range…

I’m sure if you wait a little bit, a pullable PD card who is similar to Boogie will be released and will cost a fraction of the 97. Maybe even a PD Boogie for gods sake

I think I’ll wait for sure. Thanks.