Anyone know Cuttino and Dennis Scott’s release?

Trying to find them in create a roster and I’m not having luck… anyone know how to find these?

Thanks in advance!

they are somewhere in the historic draft classes

dennis scott has jumpshot 85

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cuttino has jumpshot 26

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Thanks man!

How is :gem: D Scott have u use him?

Cuttinos usually is on or in Steve Francis

Both of these guys jumpers are super butter and easy to time

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Base 85 has the best make % in the game as well as the second best green %. Green window is smaller but it’s an awesome jump shot.


What’s Jason Terry’s? I green everything with him

Anyone ever peep Mobley release is like Josh Smith? Looks like they’re throwing the ball in the ocean on 3pointers. Bring behind the head and toss that shit.

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