Anyone know 2k patch notes today?

Trying to know if 5 out is gone.

No it’s still in the game. I just did it against the cpu


They probably changed Michael Jordan’s shoes or something dumb @Ninja7124

5out will forever stay unfortunately. Too many teams actually run it. Cavs are so cheese they run it literally almost every posession. Same as rockets. Golden state does too. But they actually run a lot of plays with guys running off screens and handoffs and shit. Rockets run it like its 2k lol

Not for majority of games. Cavs aren’t going to run it except when they have Love at 5, and even then, LeBron is often going to post up. Same with the Warriors with KD posting up, and only when they’re running lineup of death (and in these playoffs, they haven’t had Iguodala, so with Bell/Looney/JaVale/Livingston, they’re not actually 5-out). And same with Rockets, needing to run Tucker at 5.

But it’s a legit strategy. And it’s fine. It was fine last year. The problem isn’t 5-out, it’s that driving is too easy…and also that shooting bigs shoot too well.

I’m hoping that mechanics are more balanced next year…and that we have 5-out.

Maybe i just say that about the cava cuz they played love at the 5 a lot during the raps series. But seriously if people played like the cavs do on 2k we would all hate how they play. Not saying its not effective. But still

You mean a lot of LeBron ISO on the perimeter to drive or stepback for 3?

You got it lol. Almost as bad as houston

Unless it’s a patch for servers it doesn’t matter for this laggy ass shitfest of a game.