Anyone interested in PD Jordan for 4 hours


Tired of equaliser…fully badged…34 badges.diamond contract…or go for 24 hours??if enough people from here want that…i could put it only for 4 hours…i want the most possible mt i can get…my son objects to downgrade to diamond…so i have to convince him:)

Never 4h for rare cards lol.

I’d put him up for 12 hours ending near midnight, that’s when I’ve been seeing prices higher than normal

I’m thoroughly convinced you can perform at the same level with the diamond if he has a shoe. I have many quarters where the GOAT will shoot 100% and just bursts into flames

Can’t be true of PD Magic right? Just grabbed him for 520… What a steal lol

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Trust me …i have all pds apart kyrie…and i often play with 13pds…it does not worth it…and magic has the worst jumpshot when equalised…great driving dunk though…oscar is better for me with half the budges

I want that Kyrie!

I only play 2 PDs at a time. It helps with the EQ.

I now play only one per 5.period.i have 3 more in the roster with zero mi utes and i manually subbing them in the last quarter
…sometimews though…nothing can save me from equaliser:)

Will be listed in a while for 24 hours…happy bidding