Anyone interested in an Sapphire and Emerald Tourney?

Or are you boys gonna just hide behind your hof badges etc?



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That’s what I’m talking bout @Kobe6Rings

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Let’s do a current team logo locked tourney. I call raps Lol

Lol nah

Sapphire and emeralds no hof badges

Dana Barros has resurrected!!!

Yes sir

Shaq as HOF badges lol

Exactly so he’s not allowed neither is Diallo etc

Ahhhhhhhh I see. Interesting. Sounds like a zone fest lol

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Lol may have to ban that but don’t have to

im in

Might have to ban Muresan too

$5,000 buy-in?

Yea only from dudes that make 99k or more per year :grinning:

Okay that’s 2 for Xbox 2 for PS4

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Not going to lie tho, lol everybody probably going to have the same squad

3 for PS4 2 for Xbox