Anyone interested FUT20 Coins? I‘d like to trade MT if possible

Hey there,

am currently sitting on 8 Million FIFA20 coins and would like to trade them for MT if possible.

Been trading MT/FUT coins in the past and some people in the community can vouch for me.

Hit me up if you are interested!


Legit as it get!

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Doesn’t Fifa have a very high ban rate?

You gotta use new cards to move coins and not so many times per day. Then you‘ll be fine :wink:

So lets say you trade 1 million. You get your MT today but the other guy has to wait like a week because you have to spread it out over days?

Think 2x of the new Guerrero Card for 500k per day is alright. Been doing a mill per day before.

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Would you been interested in a 1 mill trade?

What’s the ratio?

On basis of seller sites it is:

1.000.000 FUT Coins ~= 500.000 MT