Anyone Hoop In Real Life?

I’ve played recreational and competitive basketball. I’m gonna try out for the JV team and hopefully I’ll make it. Do any of you guys have any basketball experiences/stories worth sharing


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Played SG is high school. Good luck in your try out man. My best advice I can give to maximize playing time is listen to your coach. Don’t hit him with an ego. As long as you look like you’re giving effort at all times you’ll be one of his favorite players. Never get too comfortable


You don’t need to be the best player to make the team. Show you’re willing to work harder than every other person on the court. That’s how I made it. Ended up playing any position from PG to PF. I was out-rebounding our bigs and usually guarded the best defender.


I’m 5’9” and chubby so no game winning dunk stories for me…

But I have seen J.R. at my old gym when he was still on the knicks. And I got to play pickup with a couple guys who played professionally overseas.

The one guy made me mad, cause he had mediocre skills, but he’s like 6’6”, so he could dominate. I always found it weird playing with small unathletic ballers with crazy fundamental skills, and then playing college/overseas guys who are mediocre, but physical freaks.

Really put pro athletics into perspective.


THIS. Take this and apply it to everything you do. Not just HS basketball. It will take you further than any amount of skill you have.


Played SG for travel AAU team in high school dropped around 30 with 4 straight threes including an and one 3 during a comeback. Played against DSJ, T-Ferg, Thon Maker, Trevon Duval, Elijah Thomas, and other players that were top ranked during 2015-2017 class. But good luck on your tryout man doing the little things like diving for loose balls and great communication is a key to making a team too.


Played PG/SG in high school and learned a lot of key things the hard way.

  • Always listen to your coach, no matter how stupid something sounds.

  • Always give 100% in practice. Bad habits in practice create bad habits in real games, and your coach will notice.

  • Strive to become a leader on & off the court. Coaches love good leadership. Clowning around ain’t cool.

  • Work on your weaknesses, and focus less on your strengths to become well-rounded. Always challenge yourself. Get great on defense and give it your all, assign yourself to the best offensive player, etc.

  • NEVER play down to competition. Dominate every chance you get.

  • Lastly, but most importantly… STRETCH PROPERLY! Before AND after practice/games!


JV is all about making the squad (even the B-squad) so you can stay on the varsity coaches radar.

Even if you start the year on the end of the bench, if you prove it in practice you will move up the depth chart.

Eventually you will get called up to the main JV or varsity.

It’s a long slow grind, but it took me from 9th grade last man on the bench “new kid” to senior year captain.

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Recreational here

This is the best advice. I had a big growth spurt as a kid but I never stretched before aau games and it’s cause a bunch of knee pain and swelling. Even tore my meniscus due to the wear and tear at 16

Played PG in HS…one of the best and most formative experience of my life. But it is a massive time commitment: 2-3 hours of work 6 days per week, not even counting film, extra shooting practice or additional strength & conditioning. So either you’re all in, or don’t bother, because coaches always know who’s slacking and who’s giving 100%, and they will just sit you on the bench.

I don’t play anymore

But I’m sure most have seen me post about my kids playing lol

Oldest is a senior and youngest is a freshman, both played AAU and school ball

Oldest is extremely tall and excellent on defense… Youngest is young for a freshman and only 5’2" but an offensive monster

I’ve seen two very different spectrums of things

The oldest can just walk near a pick up game and people are picking him (been like that a long time because he’s always been big)

If people don’t know my youngest he won’t get picked in pick up games because he’s small and doesn’t look like a baller… But there’s always that one chance he gets to play and lights up anyone and their mom, he gets picked immediately and remembered by everyone after that lol

So never quit, yeah some people will be taller or quicker, beat them in skill, effort, and heart

Know what you are very good at… And become great at it

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I’m a senior on varsity with offers, show off the work ethic and you’ll make it, Ive seen worse players make it over more skilled talent because they took everything serious and put 110% forward


i used to cefore i smoked my knee playing football

I’m playing this year, will probably be JV. Been practicin all summer, hopefully I can get some recognition and some playing time

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I was a defensive specialist PF in high school. I modeled my game after Dennis Rodman for the most part, and I thoroughly enjoyed blocking the shit out of people and grabbing boards.

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I played in 8th grade, and in High School rec leagues. Have a couple of trophies but nothing serious. 34 and still playing.

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I played college and a few years pro in my country. Had the chance to represent my country in U19 and U21 tournaments and played with or against a few NBA players like Chris Paul, Deron Williams, Rondo, Barea to name a few. All I can tell you man is to work hard. There will always be someone more athletic, more talented etc. you can’t control that but what you can control is how hard and disciplined you are. It will help you get far not just in basketball but in life.