Anyone here who quit playing 2k?

Anyone here who has? im almost ready to


I play a few boards of TTO a week and that’s it

I just started and I’m considering being done. Lmao

Yeah I’m done bro, not gonna invest all my time into this shit anymore. I only play TTO atm so I’m bored as fuck, they release two decent cards a week and people still keep lapping it up like addicts to crack


I don’t know how to feel about this game. Content is fire but so dumb at the same time. But it’s the fact that there’s absolutely nothing to play for. I mostly played TTO all year but I have more tokens and MT than I know how to spend now. I’ve moved over to MTU and this mode is FUCKING ASS. Like actual FUCKING ASS.

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I quit myteam , it was a hassle to keep up with getting new cards every week

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Exactly. At this point it feels more like a game where you just have to try to not lose half your MT stack with every content release than it feels like an actual basketball game.


I quit from November to Feb, I’m NMS so I Don’t play too competitive

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Nope. Mypark force me to stay bc of moscot costume. Would weird to see all people wear moscot in neighborhood

MTU is wild, it’s cheese or get cheesed. you gotta take your cheese to the max there


Sold my MT before they announced Giannis and used that money to buy The Show.

I feel pretty good about that decision.

2 months and counting. Also quit Madden a week ago.


I am about to looking to sell my 1.8 mill while I am ahead .

Me as well bro with no Veronica I will never be caught up in this shit

Park and Myleague for me big time


What’s the cheese meta right now? Are people still able to 5 out BTB?

I might be a minority but I still enjoy this game and been playing since Sept. Granted I only play maybe 10 hours a week, and don’t play online as I can’t handle the toxic sore losers, and all the cheese plays but offline… playing against the boring computer and collecting cards including playing the stock market game in the AH is actually addicting.

I still want to grind and get 1000 TToffline wins, finish Domination, then do all the Spotlight challenges.

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I think the game is not so bad. I just play onball D and win I think 85-90 percant games. The most frustrating players are screen cheersers but most of them are not good defenders hows offballing or running some shitty zone. But in last week I get some very good matchups. Guys who run plays and playing good onball defence and when I lose this kind of game its not the problem for me.

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I’m about to when mlb the show comes out next weekend

2K is so obvious with their manipulation, they have been flooding the market with PG, SG and SF lately. Soon enough they will start with the wave of PF and C and people will feel they NEED them on their team. But they will be left disappointed.

I wish there was a new GTA or something coming out soon, so I could transfer my addictive gaming. Maybe I’ll get fit…spend more time with the family…sleep more…nah


There are only benefits from quitting this game. I was thinking of spending my 1500 tokens on packs haha.

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