Anyone here watch the Gotham series on Netflix?

Been thinking about watching it for a long while. Anyone here that has watched or is watching it currently?

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My wife and I watched it for a while but it got really boring. It takes a lot for my wife to drop a show once she’s started it but we both agreed it wasn’t interesting anymore and we haven’t touched it since

ahh alright. Thats a letdown lol. I seen some trailers and stuff but idk. I may try it anyways, i just notice that the episodes are so long. They only made it to like 4 seasons lol. One of the strangest and creepiest characters is professor pyg tho… he seems a little too creepy to be a batman Villain .

The first season is worth giving a watch. The bits of the show involving Gordon and the different crime families are pretty interesting

yeah i still may give it a watch. ive been interested in it for a while

I honestly tried it for a while, but it’s not very good. I really wanted to like it too.


Same here.
Big expectations, but a poor result.

Its pretty good, too many people come back to life randomly


soooo much gotham slander in here, its great bro watch it, finished it the end was ehhh but overall good