Anyone here own a hellcat

I’m curious if anyone here owns one, really thinking about buying one

I have an Accord. I can help with that.

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I drive two vans… both very creepy…


Civic nation where you at


I co-own one, dads car but I drive it every other day basically

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How do you like it?

I’ll mod it a little, just tempting lol

Have you see the ram hell cat concept? That shit looks insane.

Amazing, I take it to school and on a little straight where cops aren’t able to perch themselves with the speed guns I push it and it feels so good. I’m a speed fiend tho. Cars such as the hellcats, vipers etc. need to have owners who are a bit risky and live on the fast side of you aren’t getting the full enjoyment out of the car

My neighbor used to have one. It’s a crazy fun car. Highest HP sedan in America.

He sold it because it doesn’t do well in the Iowa winters.

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I take the train…that is all

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Ahhh definitely high powered cars aren’t gonna be usable in areas in the winter where it gets in the negatives or freezes. I’m in Texas so we get 30s but today it’s like 70 outside

I shit you not guys drive hellcats here with blizzaks (snow tires) lol

:joy: that’s so dangerous there’s time on dry asphalt that I press the gas and the back whips itself out

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I talked to one guy, he said the car is so heavy that if he stays lights in the throttle it does pretty good lol

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How would your boss feel about that?

The car isn’t dangerous to drive itself as long as you know how to drive :joy:, lady almost backed into me because she pulled out of a parking without looking both ways then proceded to not back up enough to turn out of the parking spot so she had to back up again and turn out then, she tried to cross onto another road and she waited 5 years to cross even tho no cars were coming so as long as you don’t do anything that lady does it’s an amazing experience

My boss???

I’m sitting in my Sierra right now

And also own a built turbo/nitrous 1996 Impala ss and and 1971 Monte Carlo

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The marketing seemed to have worked wonders.

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Don’t you work at Ford?