Anyone here invest in stocks?

Got into it recently through a popular app called robinhood. Been learning about it and it’s actually super interesting to me. Wondering if anyone else here invests in stocks?

Buy TTWO before GTA 6 drops, hold for 5 years.

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Index funds


ETFs if you want something a little more hands off to deal with

Invest in Cannabis before it’s legalized nationally.

been on microsoft & neurocrine since 2016 per recommendations of my corporation professor (bless him)

heavily considering cashing out very soon

same professor also predicted trump would win the election when he was like +600 on betting lines … our whole class laughed at him smh


Can’t believe Microsoft was only about $50 a share in 2016.

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Slightly off-topic, but did anyone read about Verizon and tumblr?

They paid 1.1 billion for it in 2013 and now it’s worth 3 million.

i know … i’m super conflicted bc some ppl advise me to just hold the stock til i die, but at the same time i’m happy with my profit & would feel like an ass if the market tanks

dividends on it are nice but feel like there’s much more room to plummet than soar, although everything i ever read says to hold/buy MSFT

Windows will always be the most used OS


I did this, cronos is backed by Philip Morris. The Marlboro guy. And he bought 30% of Juul. Going to be see MMJ juuls at your local gas stations.
Martha Stewart is apart of canopy. If you can get old white ppl on board then that’s the company to go to.
I try to find little tech companies but most of them are private and the decent ones stay private and get money from alphabet (googles parent company) if they end up being worth something.
Googles trying to make a video game streaming app like Netflix, they paired up with a small tech company (I forgot what it was called) but it’s still private. I’d look into it if the company says something about going public.

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one thing i wouldnt do really but if i ever did id try investing in a company like microsoft for sure.

I’d prolly hold. Especially since u bought it at around 50, I don’t see it ever going less than that but could easily see it getting much higher than what it is

I used to buy indexes such as IVV or QQQ.
Unfortunately lawmakers in EU are asshats and I can’t add them any more.

I got into it a bit. Weed companys were always safe but do your research. And they send you a W2 form at the end of the year so keep that in mind.

I don’t know enough, so I stick w the S&P 500 & play the long game. Doubles every 7-10 yrs. Can’t go wrong unless you want quick $.

If I spent the hours I do playing 2k learning the stock market, I could retire in 20 yrs.