Anyone have a diamond Rondo laying around? (ps4)

I really liked rondo’s card in 2k17 and I wanted to give him a try on my roster this year. But I can’t seem to find any on the auction block. Anyone have one laying around with a shoe?

Damn,you really gonna spend 400K-500K for him?

Lol thats his price? why lol

Hes the only rare card in the KG set,when Kat and Pierce price flunctuated,rondo got more expensive,this is like with oscar robertson,petrovic,and bobby jones

Damn had no idea… guess i’m sticking to the amy lol

Yeah its sad,he was just around 25k last year LOL

hmm well do you by any chance have any recommended cards to use this year? I’ve got some mt to spend.

If you like a playmaking guard with nice defense, just grab diamond Magic. He’s dirt cheap and so much fun. If you haven’t tried Dipo, he is pretty much a perfect combo guard. Can do it all and is very consistent as a shooter. Get the PD one.

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I wanted Diamond Rondo too until I saw his price. I have just picked up Magic, give him a go. He is real good and you can get him for cheap

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I run Magic as my 11th man but lately he’s playing more than my other PG’s. I really like him. So fun to throw flashy passes with him. It’s just that I can’t sell Harden and Rose was free so I’ll run all 3.

I tried diamond magic when I pulled him earlier this year and I wasn’t a fan of his jumper tbh but since he’s so cheap maybe I should just try him again. have you ever tried pink diamond Ben Simmons? Just played against one and he wrecked me at the PG position…

I got galaxy opal rondo diamond contact and diamond sneaker do you want him

…3 years later

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awaken from long hibernation

I saw this thread title and tried to think about Diamond rondos that have dropped. Then I entered the thread lol :laughing:

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I just looked at the threads and all I see is Chauncey :joy: :joy: sore thumbs brother?


But I will not rest until we get a solid Chauncey card

Edit: Yeah, I’m bored with nothing to do except play 2k and talk 2k.

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Yeah the Pistons cards were on in the beginning and now nothing. You might get a token Opal Billups in a few days.

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You know it


I thought you were being nice to people so you can win it this month? Remember what you said :joy: