Anyone have a crazy team yet

Just wondering how far some people on the form are… obviously I’m not expecting anyone to be close to shiro level but kinda wondering where everyone stands

4 PD’s crazy enough?


I like to think I have an above average lineup, I am half way through historic dom, Mahmoud, Cliff, and Frye are fully evolved

@NoCoJake has a pretty nasty squad so far.

Def a few guys in the Sept squad thread with some stacked teams.

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This should be my lineup later tonight

(Wade is Amy)


How is Drazen ? I usually love him but his speed is clearly a turn off for me
And also Isiah ? He should be my first PD token reward, he has crazy stats

Considering I’ve played a decent amount of domination gone 12-0 and only locked in 2 sets for those 80 tokens and jr id say pretty cray lol

Drazen is great. He’s a must have for the TTO grind. He greens everything. Zeke is solid aswell. He’s fast, can shoot but his dunks are meh

Man i was wondering to take Zeke once i get to PD market, he no good ? :frowning:

What would you recommend from PD Market ?

Not Teqson level squad, but im happy enough :slight_smile:


Charlie Ward and Rose are both Rubies, i love this squad


To be honest, I’ve enjoyed diamonds more. Mitch is a good shooter with a smooth release. Alex English is a great finisher, Haywood is a solid 4 that can hit threes and Zeke is the best PG you can get right now. I just feel like we’ll be getting better cards in packs in a matter of 3 weeks…

Yah for sure, but those are free cards so thats kinda cool.

Depends on how you look at it. If you lock for tokens they’re not free at all.

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Can’t make it through a 12-0 kind of a bummer. Would really like bird.
Anyone else on the west coast having MTU trouble?

What trouble? The disconnects are forced by people its global.

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If you go on a 10-0 run and your opp call auto timeout, it will glitch out. If I go on a 5-0 run, I just let them score next possession, it worked for me.

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Anyone have PD Jerry West? How is he?