Anyone has trouble shooting with pd kd?

I picked up fully badged up kd last night but his shooting is inconsistent. Is steady shooter still a thing in current gen? I like his animation and slashing ability but shooting wide open 3s is a problem. Any one has similar issue in current gen?

Problem likely is Steady Shooter, sucks hard. On PS5 he’s literally a moving greenlight


Even without steady shooter KD’s release straight arms a lot of shots

KD is an acquired taste

You’ll shoot like trash with him at first, then randomly one day the shot will click for you

I promise


He’s been lights out for me from the get-go (Xbox, current). Played a little TTO at first, and immediately added 2 HOF badges, shoes, and contract as I saw myself using him for a long time.

ZERO problems with him or his jumper.

I get what he’s saying tho. It’s hard to find his green window after not using him for awhile

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Weird. After Reddish, I green the most with KD

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Concur. His HOF flexible release definitely helps.

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Cannot agree more. I was thinking about sell him last week but now he is god to me.


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Seems like KD got very small green window.

He’s the player I green the most with and I don’t even know why players with a bigger green window I can’t green with but KD is super easy for me to green dunno why lol

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I do best with 3-pointers with 3 cards: KD, Reddish, and Dell Curry. For some reason those are my easy greens. Nick Anderson and Monta Ellis are honorable mentions.

Lots of Cams in here, I just freakin can not hit with him consistently. I don’t know what it is but I’m always early or late haha Hardly ever green. Durant is slightly behind Curry for me for easiest green