Anyone grind for 98 Steve Nash?

20 schedules is crazy, I’ve done 9 only because I hate Super max this year & I can’t imagine doing another 360 games for Nash. With that said…I wouldn’t mind putting him at the 2.

He is not even worth 1 schedule grind, i’ve used him in MyLeague for a while. He can’t even do great there, can’t imagine sm.


I’d rather have Pistol Pete I swear to god. Nash is diamond Steph with a little less shooting.


I guess that settles it then. Nash is trash.

Ive done 14.
I find it fun.
I run 5 favorite players + 3 good cards form schedule im doing, and then sell them back.
Also trying their playbooks and using thier courts and uniforms

Nash and Pistol are basically Curry-esque. Although I think Nash has good defensive stats and Pete can dunk somewhat and has nifty acrobatic layups. I use Pete occasionally, his shooting is just OP. But you really have to hide him on defense.

I’m still trying to pull this Pau Gasol. I’ve finished 6 schedule challenges and achieved all other goals for the PD Shaq. The schedules require patience and they give you decent coin games 20-30. This pack and playoffs is a straight gamble not to mention time consuming. On that note, I still want the player reward cards and plan on saving the suns schedule challenges for Nash

I want that Gasol for the duo w his brother. I’ve beaten board 10 a few times & it seems nearly impossible to pull him. Good luck.

Yea I’ve beaten the board 4-5 times myself. It’s probably blind luck and could mean I have to beat the board 10-20 times. I feel the grind for Shaq is a moot point however I also feel like I will receive gratification from completing the challenge. Plus he has to be somewhat fun to play with

Diamond Shaq is the same. Since shaq is a very one dimensional player, the upgrades on PD just don’t justify the grind. I have D Shaq and don’t use him at all.