Anyone got ideas to stop 5 out?

I’m in the asian servers, and damnnn, dudes from hong kong, china, korea, fucking japan are out here 5 outting like their lifes depended on it, with T-mac at point, its so hard to stop, I try everything, On-ball (Worked 1 game, and I literally got raped the next game), Zone, (gave up 17 3s in a game), off ball - (Blowbys every possession), this sucks if i have to endure 4 more rounds of this just to get KP, I’m 13-7 and in the diamond league, but fuck, I need help

they play nba 2k in asia?

The only way is on-ball D. You need to maintain some distance, anticipate the direction of the drive and cut them off. Don’t get too far if the player can shoot the 3. Otherwise, give them as much space as you can. If you believe you can effectively contest them, set the help defense on the drive to off so that they don’t kick out to the corner. That’s all I’ve got.

That’s so funny omg HAHA, now go 5 out

The NBA and basketball in general are extremely popular in China. It really started getting big over there when Yao Ming was playing and now it’s more popular than ever.

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Its fuckin unstoppable, I saw your game with Lovinkin, and its crazy, I got no answer, cause I can’t 5 out, not that its hard, it just sucks as a varsity player to see this shit

YIKES buddy relax

I’m chill, but that’s just arrogant bruh

Lovinkin is the master of this bullshit, others are less proficient. Also get diamond Magic or Ben Simmons if you can.

I got lonzo starting, and lebron as backup

You need a strong, tall defender with great lateral quickness and shot contest. LeBron fits the bill if you want to play him at PG. I don’t know about Ball…

im 12 games over 500. think im 24 and 12. and im not even in diamond yet. this scoring system sucks

You need China Klay.