Anyone going to the NYC 2K Event?

The address is here: 73 West St, Brooklyn, NY 11222

Imma stop by before going to work

when is it? and what’s in it for me?

I live in Manhattan but it’s going to take more than Ronnies award winning smile to get me out there.


From 2 to 7. There’s a bunch of giveaways and celebrities there also being able to play 2K19 early

I’m going around 4


Was going to go but considering I have a quiz today in my new class I’m not going lol

Class is way more important. This will probably be an waste of time lmfao

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There’s a line to go into another line lmfao

Lol that’s the only reason I ain’t bother go.

lmk if it’s worth it @PopThieve

The place is dope. We’re playing 2K19 early. Not worth the wait tho. I think they stopped letting people in

Soo not worth me coming now?

What’s the game feel like?

I’m next in line. I let you know

lol you look like a young biggie

Yeah because it’s packed af. You can barely move or even play

Can you 5 out?

Please not.

As long as the 4 out has good spacing we shouldn’t need 5 out