Anyone going to any playoffs games?

Just wondering if anyone is going to any games soon. Im thinking about going to Boston game 5 if it gets that far. I got to go to a game earlier this yr and saw the goat in person

No they took the grizzles out of Vancouver years ago, never even had a chance to see them make the playoffs

Went to game 2 last round cause my buddy won tickets but I’ve been saying if they ever make the finals I’ll blow my entire savings to attend lol

I have tickets for game 5 rn in Boston vs Sixers. Nice box seats too from my grandpa who is a season ticket holder

Thats sick. I usually sit row 20s, box seats must be mad nice

Haha me too. I usually find decent prices. I went to 2 games in ECF with the big 3 vs Heat the first year Lebron won.

Where’s the goat… I don’t see Scalabrine… since you guys sound from the area do you remember the pacers game where they stuck Kyle Draper on play by play :hocho::tired_face:

Nah. Tickets, flight tickets, visa combination is too much for me.